Teaching Approach

My teaching principle is to stimulate students’ interests and ability for continuous learning. In my teaching, the first thing is to clarify the requirements for students and to understand their expectations with the possibility of adaptation. I rely on a combination of diverse teaching approaches with lectures, exercises, case studies, team work, and practical projects to motivate students’ thinking in different ways. These methods are accompanied with an interactive learning environment through active exchanges and challenges of the ideas and opinions between instructor and students to develop their expressing ability and critical thinking. My teaching goal is to give students the knowledge and know-how they need for their future learning and applications in practice.

Teaching ExperienceInterview

      University of St. Gallen

  • International Entrepreneurship, Graduate (Spring 2019), Instructor.
  • Introduction to Academic Writing, Undergraduate (Fall 2018), Instructor – evaluation: 4.38/5
  • Being an Entrepreneur, Undergraduate (Spring 2018), Instructor – overall evaluation: 4.19/5                                     

Bocconi University

  • Family Business Strategies, Undergraduate
    (Spring 2016), Instructor – overall evaluation : 8.09/10
    (Spring 2015 – 2017), Teaching assistant for Carlo Salvato
  • Performance Measurement and Corporate Strategy, Graduate (2015 – 2017), Teaching assistant for Carlo Salvato
  • Organization, Graduate (Fall 2014), Teaching assistant for Fabrizio Castellucci and Franz Wohlgezogen
  • International Leadership and Organizational Behavior, MOOC (Spring 2015), Teaching assistant for Franz Wohlgezogen

SDA Bocconi School of Management

  • Organizational Behavior, MBA (Fall 2014), Teaching assistant for Fabrizio Castellucci